Four Reasons Why Design-Build is Worth Choosing

Traditional Design-Bid-Build Processes are Inefficient

In fact, it’s one of the reasons why we started our business - we recognized the inefficiencies in the traditional design-bid-build process and we knew, just like you, there had to be a better way. Design-build should mean that your project is thoughtfully designed to fall within budget and make sense for your needs from day one. It should mean that you have less stress, fewer headaches, and more confidence in everything going according to plan.


Design-build can absolutely benefit you and your project.

In fact, it’s been so successful that it’s now become the preferred project delivery method across the country. Nearly 50% of all construction projects in the US were contracted as design-build last year, representing over $1.2 trillion in construction spending over the last three years. At Metrolina Builders, we’ve been doing it this way for over 50 years - before Design-Build was even a formally recognized term.

With that said, here are four significant reasons why you should consider choosing design-build for your next project.

#1: Simplify Your Life with Design-Build

Design-build can simplify your life through single-source accountability. Rather than you having to seek out all the different players, including consultants, architects, engineers, and contractors, design-build streamlines this process. When you’re working with us, we become your quarterback and manage the entire process and people on your behalf.

Imagine Having ONE Point of Contact

The right design-builder becomes your single port point of contact, effectively acting as your quarterback. They take on the responsibility of procuring and managing all of these different consultants, as well as holding them all accountable to produce.

#2: Enable Interactive Collaboration with Design-Build

The next reason I recommend choosing a design-build process is the interactive collaboration. With all the relevant players at the table at the right time, all sharing the understanding of your project goals, there is a huge increase in clarity.

End the Harmful “Bubble Effect” with Design-Build

You don't have anyone working in their own bubble, and you know that everyone understands the full demands and goals of the project. This also means they can work collaboratively to analyze and evaluate all of the options in order to solve any problems that arise.

#3: Gain Control of Costs with Design-Build

Design-build also allows you to gain control of your costs. Now decades into business, we can’t count how many times we’ve been handed a set of plans for a project that's supposedly ready to go. After assembling pricing, however, we find out that the price far exceeds the owner's budget. This happens far too often and might be one of the biggest reasons that the traditional method of design-then-bid-then-build is broken.

Implement Value Engineering From Step One

In the traditional building process, many value engineering ideas are great ideas….but are not able to be captured because of the ripple effect of implementing them after the full design is complete. It's just too cumbersome to redesign and you aren’t able to capture the full value of some cost savings ideas. Design-build lets you accommodate value engineering from step one.

#4: Save Time with Design-Build<

Using design-build is a huge benefit in terms of time savings because we fix the broken linear approach and make the process more efficient. This means that you're able to get to market faster and start generating revenue sooner.

Experience 4% LESS Schedule Slide

On the back-end construction schedule, there's nearly 4% less scheduled slide during construction when a design-builder is involved during the design stage. This is because all the players have been involved during the design and have vetted out the best path forward.

Offset Risk & Make the Process Easier

Design-build is the way to offset negative risks associated with the many parts and pieces of a build -- don’t make it more complicated than it needs to be! At Metrolina Builders, we’ve been doing it this way for over 50 years. We recognized the inefficiencies in the traditional design-bid-build process, and we’ve elevated our craft to minimize them so you can have the best possible outcomes. If you have any questions about design-build (or anything else in my wheelhouse), feel free to reach out to me at any time. I’m happy to connect!


The Power of Design Build for Your Next Building Project