Accelerating the Timeline: Self-Storage Construction via Design-Build

A design-build timeline looks much different than traditional approaches like plan-and-spec, especially when it comes to the construction of a self-storage rental facility.

That’s because a design-build approach adopts a holistic and synergistic approach to the planning, designing, and constructing stages. This helps create a shared vision among all building partners, from start to finish. Additionally, it makes it possible to parallel path many elements of the building process. 

For example, front-end construction jobs like shop drawings, material purchasing, and manpower preparation can take place while the final project drawing is being made. 

By contrast, traditional building methods require the owner to first hire the design team, which will consist of architects, engineers, and other professionals who are tasked only with completing their individual portions of the project. Then, the owner needs to solicit bids from general contractors, choosing a contractor and price based solely on those documents. 

This can create tremendous risk for the owners. If pricing comes back higher than anticipated, it can take a substantial amount of time, money, and energy to bring the project back on track – if that’s even an option.

The design-build project delivery method is far less risky. 

In fact, the owner can even request a turnkey price before absorbing the costs of a pricey, and potentially flawed, design. Because the design-builder can finish a conceptual design in-house and provide a firm cost for the complete construction, owners can help alleviate their hard-cost risk. 

Savvy developers can work due diligence, site planning, and the solicitation of design-build pricing into their land-option period, giving them a transparent picture of the total project cost much earlier than traditional methods allow. 

Your Guide to Building Self-Storage